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Tire upgrade

A few problems that can't be ignored when Tire upgrade

After run-in period, the owner have good knowledge for automobile characteristics and road conditions, many owners will begin to consider upgrading tires to enhance the speed and driving fun. How to upgrade tire, especially tire quality upgrade, the global tire replacement expert cooper tire puts forward the following suggestions.

Tires are upgraded according to "local conditions”

Vehicles driving frequency and road conditions is the important basis of choosing upgrade tire, if the vehicle is driven every day, wear resistance  may be the most important problems shall be considered. The sporty wide tire has good adhesion to the ground, but also wear very quickly. At the same time, the tread pattern will be reduced as far as possible in pursuit of speed. Therefore, the wet performance of the tires will not be ideal. If the vehicle is often used in wet areas, tires good at adhesion of wetlands and drainage should be a good choice.

Tyre upgrades best use the same specifications as the original ones. For most consumers, it's an upgrade of quality. It is a common upgrade technique to replace tires with the same specifications but higher grades, such as higher speed, or higher ply grade. Performance upgrade cannot achieved by the original factory, Because vehicle manufacturer when choosing a tire, will consider the overall cost and save Cost at the expense of some performance. So through the upgrade of tire quality, you can obtain more beautiful tread pattern, better drainage, better silence effect, or better control stability. Tire upgrade, avoid "mixing" using tires with different wear, structure and specification, it not only affect the life of the tire, but more importantly, the brake resistance of the automobile will not be consistent. When the automobile needs to brake at high speed, the different resistance makes the four wheels stressed unevenly, which can easily cause the traffic accident by out of control. Therefore, when we upgrade the tire, we should choose tire with the same pattern so that the quality of the automobile can be truly upgraded.