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Tire not suitable for highway

tires of pattern with little depth is not suitable high speed

The tire pattern is not only for aesthetics, but also for drainage, braking and cooling. The pattern with little depth, not only the drainage function drops, the brake performance also decreases when water float occurs. Especially in the long drive, the temperature of the crown will be very high, and if brake during emergency, it can lead to the puncture of crown, which can lead flat tires.

In addition, if pattern is with little depth, the heat dissipation will decrease. the temperature that accumulates inside of the tire during the long journey cannot be dissipated in time, after a certain degree, flat tires may happen. In the tire industry, there is a phrase called "temperature is the enemy of the tire", so the importance of heat dissipation can be seen, so don't make long distance drive when the pattern depth is small.

Tire with sidewall injuries shall not run on highway

About 70 percent of traffic accidents on the highway are related to tires, many of which are related to tire sidewall. Actually tires sidewall injured, is not only in suitable for highway, bu also having big hidden trouble at ordinary times. It is why tire manufacturer regulate that tire s with injured sidewall cannot be repaired again and should be replaced immediately.

tire crown cut or repaired are not suitable for highway

for safe travel, it is necessary to replace the tire with cutted or repaired crown. If not, you should be aware of it in the driving process.

In addition, the tire with more severe worn crown and tires severely worn in the middle and shoulders for higher or lower tire pressure are not suitable for highway

In fact,besides before travel, in daily, automobile owners should pay more attention to the basic common sense of  maintenance.

First, control the tire pressure. The actual air pressure of tires has a great impact on the tire life, higher or lower cause great damage. It is suggested that the owner should check the tires once a week to see if the tire pressure is normal. besides, don't forget to check the spare tire pressure.

Second, automobiles run on the road every day, sometimes sundries such as broken glass nail into tires, these seemingly small sundry will gradually get more deep, if hit during driving, flat tire is likely to occur. We shall regularly check and remove stone and sundry among pattern , check the wear status, once tire wear indicator appears, replaced immediately in case of danger.

Third, pay attention to the problem of tire ageing. A lot of people think that tires are replaced when worn out. In fact, the tire has  service life, common manufacturer will set 3 years. If you need to replace worn tires, replace two or four at the same time, and you should choose the same pattern to keep the automobile driven in balance.