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Knowledge of automobile spare tire

Automobile spare tires are used in this way:

Spare tire shall not be used for a long time. Spare tires are used less frequently, so there is less chance of friction with the ground. If replace with the spare tire, because the friction coefficient of the four tires, ground adhesion, and air pressure are different. Long time use will have a certain effect on the braking system, steering system and suspension system of the vehicle, as well as bring great danger to driving safety.

It is unsafe to hang spare tire improperly

Prevent oil corrosion in spare tire. The main ingredient of tires is rubber, and the biggest danger of rubber is the erosion of oil products. Try not to put oil and spare tire together. If the tire is already stained with oil, use neutral detergent to flush the oil.

Have knowledge of spare tire type. These figures are very important for driving safety, especially the load index and tire speed, exceeding can bring a hidden danger to driving safety.

When replacing spare tires, the bolt should be fastened to the angle, so that the bolt will be stressed uniformly and the tire will not swing when moving.

When using spare tires, the speed should be paid attention to, preferably not exceeding 90 km/h.

The air pressure of spare tire is not the same as the normal one. Before use of the spare tire, use air pressure gauge to regulate the pressure , if there is no air pressure gauge,find professional person to do it to ensure normal use.

The repaired tire should be on the non - drive wheel. Repaired tires must be placed on the non - drive wheel. If the spare tire is repaired, and the driving wheel need to be replaced, you must not be afraid of trouble. First, you shall replace the normal unrepaired tire to the driving wheel, then use the spare tire.