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High quality tires are the guarantee of driving

You should keep the correct pressure meeting requirements - the pressure should be based on the information provided by the manufacturer.

You should keep the correct pressure- the pressure should be based on the information provided by the manufacturer. Check the air pressure of all tires under cooling condition at least once a month including spare tire. If the pressure decreases too fast, please find out the reason (e.g., nail, cutting, nozzle rubber aging, cracking, etc.). Always check air pressure for long distances. The pressure must be checked after the tire is cooled.

Bear in mind that tire is dangerous with incorrect air pressure.

High-speed driving can be dangerous.

When driving at high speeds (even if the inflating pressure is correct), the tire is more likely to be hurt by road foreign objects than at low speeds.

Remember: in any case, do not exceed the reasonable speed required by driving conditions and legal restrictions. Slow down if you turn and encounter obstacles such as holes in the front.

When driving at high speed, tire may hit craters and other outside foreign body, which lead to serious extrusion deformation of tire between impact object and rim flange , and can result in cord fabric breaking, then tire internal air jacks up from breaking place and bump is formed.

Remember: replace the bumped tire immediately.

Please check the condition of the tire frequently

Please check if there are bump, cracks, cutting, nail and abnormal tire abrasion (special inspection for abnormal wear in the edge of the tread due to bad positioning or low pressure driving ). If any damage is found, the tire must be checked by a professional person immediately.

Keep in mind that using injured tires can cause tire damage.

Please stop using if the tire is worn to the wear mark.   

there are wear indicator marks on the place where remaining depth of the tread grooves is 1.6mm. wear indicator sign is reached, tires must be replaced. It is dangerous to use tires that exceed the wear indicator, especially on wet, for drainage performance has been greatly decreased。

Wheel positioning and balancing are important to ensure the safety and ideal mileage of your tires.

If your tires are not evenly worn, for example, the tire shoulder is faster than the rest of the tread, or if you find excessive shaking, your vehicle may be poorly positioned or unbalanced. These situations will not only shorten your tire life, but also affect your vehicle's manipulability, which can be dangerous.

Keep in mind: if you find your tires wearing or shaking irregularly, check the positioning and balance right away.

wheel rotation

In order to get the best tire wear condition, the tire rotation is necessary. Refer to the instruction manual provided by the vehicle manufacturer regarding tire rotation. If you do not have a vehicle manual, it is recommended that you rotate every 8,000 to 10,000 kilometers.

It is suggested to check the tire wear every month. tires should be rotated when they are found to be irregular, even if they are less than 8,000 kilometers. However, it is important to check the wheel position in time or find out other causes of irregular tire wear.

When the tire with directional pattern is rotated, please observe the arrow on sidewall. The arrow indicates the direction and must be careful to keep the correct rotation direction.

Prevent sun, oil, acid, hydrocarbons from eroding tires

All tires should be stored in cool, dry and dark rooms to avoid the risk of moisture accumulation in the tires. Due to the pressurization, the liquid may enter the carcass  layer through the inner airtight layer, which can cause sudden damage to the tire.